Mechanical measuring system (optional)

Mechanical measuring system (optional)

AUTENF high precision mechanical measuring system

AUTENF high precision mechanical measuring system is designed and manufactured to improve detect, measure precision and advance convenience in the accident vehicles repair. It solved the problem of the big measure accumulated error, data conversion, complicated process, bulky and heavy measure equipment, can not do for oneself and the limeted range of the vehicle body parameter. AUTENF mechanical measuring system is aluminium retractable measure equipment. Its advantage is high precision, easy operation, three-dimensional measurements with switch connector, flexibility of site and equipment and so on. Furthermore it can match with database which is provided by other maintenance and service station. All this make your measure and detect job quite comfortable and natural along the sheet metal maintenance and make the vehicle body evaluation is evidence-based. 

Measurement range:
X-axis: 200 mm ~ 2250 mm
Y-axis: 20 mm ~ 150 mm (or 340 mm)
Z-axis: 20 mm ~ 150 mm (or 340 mm)
Measurement error is under 1 mm.

Package dimension: 1000*180*120 mm (L*W*H)
Gross weight: 3.5 kg

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