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Frequently Asked Question about AUTENF
Q: are you a manufacturer or a trader?
A: AUENF is a professional manufacturer of auto repair and maintenance equipment and tools since 2005.
     AUENF also helps customers to find other products in China.
     So, AUTENF is manufacturer and trader.

Q: what is your main product?
A: AUTENF Car Lift (two-post lift, 4-post lift, scissor lift);
     AUTENF Bus Lift;
     AUTENF Car Repair Bench;
     AUTENF Bus Repair Bench;
     AUTENF Car Painting & Spray Booth;
     AUTENF Bus Painting & Spray Booth;

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: for all regular models, delivery time is controlled within 30 days after order is confirmed;

Q: What is your warranty time?
A: AUTENF auto repair bench (car repair bench & bus/truck repair bench) is warranted for 2 years; other products are warranted for 1 year.

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